South Coast Jeeps

There was a time when people saw jeepers as a bunch of trouble makers that only cared about themselves and not what they impacted around them. Many groups have been formed since then to disprove the common perception, Some have lasted while others have faded away. At SOUTH COAST JEEPS, we have been here supporting the community with our brother and sister groups for 2 years now and it has been a true struggle but we have persevered.

 We began as a close group of friends that may not always agree but are always about Jeep and helping the community.  Zach & Sharon Meeks, Joey & Debbie King, Keith Wright, Bo & Misha Smith, Travis & Amanda Chappell,  Shannon Hatch, Bobby Reeves, Kara Edwards, Michael Latham and a few more all came together to create SOUTH COAST JEEPS and although some have left for one reason or another they all still stay in touch through various means.